Nood Co.

Ethical and enticing, Nood Co is a new consciousness in concrete.

Designed by co-owner Matt Di Costa, Nood Co is an exploration of duality, taking a masculine building material and presenting it in its most feminine state, adding curve, form, colour and proportion.

Nood Co. spent four years developing a unique UHP concrete composition. This process has made concrete lighter, stronger and more approachable for real-world function, ensuring a system of colouring, finishing and packaging suitable to move concrete across the planet promptly and safely.

The Nood collection is carefully handcrafted in-house and is a reflection of the team behind the product. Each piece conveys a sense of fun while still exercising design restraint to allow the material to speak for itself, gaining more character over time. Shop our range of Nood Co. products below.

Features of Nood Co.

Every piece is unique

Every Nood Co. product is unique and features a visual patina, colour variation, pin-holing and surface variation. When you purchase a Nood piece, you are buying something thoroughly individual.

Environmentally friendly

Nood Co. is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Nood Co. concrete uses 97% less embodied energy and is 100% natural and free from any chemicals. All Nood Co. material is locally sourced and handmade in Australia.

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