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Are you after the perfect heating and cooling system that will keep your home feeling comfortable all year long? At Brands Direct Online we stock the most premium systems that are sure to keep you cosy in winter and refreshed in summer. 

Whether you are wanting to install a split system, electric heater, portable air conditioner or outdoor heater we have the right solution for you. Explore our range of systems from leading brands like Rinnai and Chromagen. The units come in a selection of sizes so that you can achieve comfort whilst remaining within budget. Don’t find yourself stuck in the midst of a really cold winter or unbearably hot summer without air conditioning or room heater panels. Now is the time to get your space feeling as relaxed as it should be. 

There are a number of benefits associated with installing a new unit or replacing your old heating or cooling system. Some of the key incentives include saving costs and less maintenance. If you have a unit that is struggling to keep up, then it may be consuming more energy than required. Save yourself the costs of maintenance, and replace it with a system that will function correctly, so that you can continue to enjoy your home without worrying about the functionality of your household appliances. 

If you are seeking convenience, Brands Direct Online is here to deliver. With free shipping available across Australia on purchases over $2000, you can achieve superior comfort without leaving your front door. If you are in need of a heating or cooling system, now is the time to order.

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Rinnai 1250 Gas Fire K1252


$10,200.00 $7,699.00

Rinnai 950 Gas Fire K952


$9,500.00 $6,650.00

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