Oliveri is Australia’s only commercial pressed bowl sink manufacturer

What started off as a suburban metal fabrication factory in 1947, is now Australia’s only commercial pressed bowl sink manufacturer. Based out of Adelaide, Oliveri has developed a significant reputation in the industry, producing generations of stylish, high-quality sinks and tubs.

Oliveri sinks are suited to the needs of everyday Australians who want more than the bare minimum, drawing inspiration from local and international designs. Their range has now expanded to include taps and other accessories and is available in a variety of finishes including matte black, chrome and brushed nickel.

Oliveri has a solution for any kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Browse our range of Oliveri products below.

Features of Oliveri

Environmentally friendly

As a local manufacturer, Oliveri takes great pride in caring for the environment in which they operate. Oliveri Australian made sinks are manufactured not only in accordance with strict health and safety policies but also to ISO 14001 Environmental certification. Their stainless steel materials are 100% recyclable and Adelaide manufacturing plant is a zero-waste-to-land-fill facility.


Oliveri sinks are manufactured from genuine 18/10, 304 grade stainless steel, which’s naturally long-lasting, heat-resistant, and hygienic. However, no stainless steel sink was ever designed to do battle against hardened metal utensils or food processor blades, without incurring at least a few scratches. To maintain the shine on your Oliveri stainless steel sink, regular maintenance is recommended with any of the easy to obtain, non-abrasive stainless steel cleaners or metal polishes.

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